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Ryan GC specializes in Design-Build of all types of construction including churches, schools, fitness facilities, retail facilities, remodels, and tenant improvements. The majority of our contracts are in Washington State, but we have performed several projects in Alaska, California, Idaho and Oregon. Steelcraft Construction, the pre-engineered building and structural steel division of our company, has specialized in the supply and erect of pre-engineered steel buildings since 1991. Steelcraft is a Butler Career building dealer and has earned the honor as one of Butler's strongest dealers in the Northwest region in each of the past six years.

Meet the Staff

Don McIntosh

Don McIntosh - President

As company president and founder, Don oversees all functions within the company and is an integral part of the sales and marketing team. His 30+ years of experience have enabled the company to grow in several directions. Don has been the key in setting the standard for construction quality and maintaining a growing client base since 1991.

Ryan McIntosh

Ryan McIntosh - Director of Development

D.R. McIntosh has a conservative yet contemporary perspective of construction that few others would imitate. He remains inconspicuous while also appearing as a visual part of the working fabric of most operations. He is the utility player whose mission is to fill the low spots of demand and establish a sense of unabridged unity. He has a penchant for construction and a passion for the artistry of technology.

Eliot Blom

Eliot Blom - Superintendent

Eliot is a highly skilled, highly organized construction superintendent. He has a wealth of practical knowledge from his years of experience in the construction business. His personality appears to be very relaxed and easy going but beneath the surface of his exterior rages a fire like passion for excellence. He demands high quality, straightforward production from the men he leads around him. We are thankful to have him on our team.

Rebecca McIntosh

Rebecca McIntosh - Vice President

Becky oversees office staff in daily accounting functions of the business. She manages working capital including receivables, inventory, cash and marketable securities. Becky assesses the company’s financial position in areas of income, expenses, and earnings based on past, present, and future operations. She also prepares financial analyses of operations for guidance of management.

Bill Lentz

Bill Lentz - Project Manager

Bill has 20 years’ experience in the construction industry; specifically in custom metal fabrication and supervision. Bill brings with him exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills along with a work ethic that is crucial in the construction industry.

Patrick Gill

Patrick Gill - Chief Estimator

With a degree in construction engineering and technology and 25 years of construction experience, Patrick brings many valuable tools to our company. He is involved with nearly every estimate that is generated by the company, and has an excellent grasp of construction methods and costs. Patrick has been with the company for 8 years.

Frank Hasiak

Frank Hasiak - Material Distribution Specialist

Frank brings years of experience to the construction table. His goal is to stay one step ahead of Project Managers and Project Superintendents by delivering the needed materials before the materials are needed. His resourcefulness has allowed Ryan GC main office and shop to remain highly organized all while boosting productivity.

Joe Poland

Joe Poland - General Superintendent

Joe is unequivocally the ambassador of Ryan GC's ruling hierarchy and stratification. To lament on the predicaments that are associated with the nature of construction would bring unessential vexation to the life of the project. Joe sanctions alternative methods of problem emulsion through crafty logic and impetuous pilotage.

Craig Lyons

Craig Lyons - Project Superintendent

Craig comes equipped with 25 years of construction experience. He is highly skilled at project organization and excels in construction management. His strategic approach to construction allows Craig to fix problems before they happen. This approach translates to projects being completed on time and under budget, necessities for project success.